Establishing Liability: The Importance of Car Dash Cams

Establishing Liability: The Importance of Car Dash Cams

by Tom Mott | Tags: Auto Accidents

You are driving down a highway in the left lane and about to pass a car in the right lane that is going much slower than you. You are minding your business and the rules of the road. Suddenly and without warning, BAM! The car you are trying to pass swerves into your lane and cuts you off, causing you to sideswipe it. The accident looks a lot like this (watch from 00:50) Dashcam Car Accident.

Cleary this accident was not your fault, but much to your surprise and dismay the person driving the car tells both the investigating police officer and the insurance company that you entered her lane and sideswiped her. You, of course, tell the police officer and the insurance company that she was at fault for swerving into your lane. Although you know she is lying, unfortunately at this point it’s a “he said she said” situation where fault is often determined by someone’s credibility and believability. There’s not much you can do to prove she was at fault, right? Wrong - as long as you have a dash cam!

A dash cam, also known as a dashcam, dashboard camera, car DVR, driving recorder, or event data recorder, can make or break your accident claim. The dash cam video you watched (link above) served as indisputable evidence that the other car was at fault. Although the other driver tried to lie her way out of liability, it’s hard to dispute video footage showing exactly what transpired.

Not only can dashcams capture video evidence in the event of an accident, certain dashcams can also capture video and picture evidence of vandalism and theft when parked. Dashcams provide great demonstrative evidence that can be used during court proceedings to establish fault, show the severity of the accident at impact and afterward, show damage that was done, and allow judges and juries to hear exactly what transpired immediately before and after the accident. Rear facing dashcams can also capture valuable evidence.

There are numerous benefits to having a dashcam, but in the legal sense if you want to protect yourself from false accusations and give yourself the best evidence in the event of a car accident, install a dashcam.

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