Exceptional Injury Lawyers

Mott Zezula represents ordinary people whose extraordinary lives have been changed as a result of someone else's wrongdoing.  Where a person has suffered financial and/or physical injury - whether it's a wrongful death, a car, truck, train, plane or motorcycle accident, an animal bite, sexual abuse, an intentional assault, a defective product, medical negligence, defective premises, a highway defect, a drunk driver, a traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, a birth injury, an explosion, a fire, bad legal advice, investor mismanagement, or just plain wrongdoing - Mott Zezula is there to right the wrong.  Simply stated, we are exceptional Connecticut injury lawyers.  

Our Approach

We are disciplined in our approach to each injury case we handle. From initial client intake and investigation - to case preparation and negotiations - to trial and beyond, our methods are tried and true and result in efficient and effective representation for our injured clients.  It is the skillful and creative way we approach each case that adds value.

Our Goal

We are determined to aggressively pursue the highest compensation possible for each of our injured clients. At the heart of our efforts is the fact that we are compelling advocates, skilled negotiators, and tenacious trial lawyers. As exceptional injury attorneys, we make no exceptions.

Our Relationships

We are caring and compassionate people. At the core of every case is the well-being of our clients. We guide our clients hand-in-hand through the entire process and believe in consistent communication. We strive to build lasting relationships with each injury client based on trust and confidence.

Let's Talk

We're here to discuss your case when ready. Call us for your free consultation and case evaluation.